[MTG] 커맨더/EDH - Commanders Down Under by 사카키코지로

A couple days ago, I had this "Argument" with certain MTG player about a certain newly-spoiled MTG card.


Hmmm, cards that puts creature(s) to the bottom of library, eh? what's the big deal about it?

Well, in an ordinary type of MTG game, this card would be a simple board sweeper. wiping the board of creatures whether they are indestructable, regeneratable, has persist/undying or not. a bit heavy costed, but flipping it by miracle would make it sweet.

However, the point of this card is the usage in a Commander/EDH game. this card will put people's generals under a 99 cards-thick library. making it very difficult to see play again.

the person I was talking with was.......not so happy about this card. his opinion was that cards that can put "tucks" generals is seriously unfun and ruins the game. and of course, I was against that opinion.


These are the "Tucker" cards that have existed before Terminus. and they have seen a fair amount of play in Commander games. putting peoples generals to deep, dark......whatever. but my question is, does these cards ruins the game and makes it unfun like........I dunno, these cards?


Yes, I know. the 3 cards I've shown you above are one of the notorious cards that ruins the Commander game experience and makes people wanna stick a knife up at its owner's arse. Magic cards doesn't have to be this bad to make games unfun. but let's go back to my original question. does "Tucker" cards really ruin the game?

When we look at Commander decks, they usually go down to 2 types and make starts on a different route from there. and that type is;

1) Decks that relies on General itself or its ability to gain advantage or win. (Ex. Rafiq, Progenitus, Multani, etc)
2) Decks that doesn't need to have General in play, or have some advantages when it's on board. (Ex Karona, Hazezon Tamar, Azusa, etc)

As you might have guessed, decks like 1) will have some problems when their General got tucked, decks like 2) on the other hand, might get slightly disappointed, but doesn't really care whether their General is in the Commander zone or not. so,for people who use 2) type of Commander deck, Tucker cards don't ruin the game or make it unenjoyable.


What about people with 1) type of decks? is it really end of the world for having their commander sent to a place where they can no longer summon them? not exactly. since Commander deck is a singleton type format. people usually put any type of search affects to gain access to cards they want when necessary. even a mere shuffle effect will put your General higher so you can draw it faster. so even for people who rely heavily on their legendary creature, having it sent to the bottom does not make them go "Oh I'm done, I'm gonna commit suicide."

And it's not just me thinking Tucker cards are necessary. WotC themselves even printed a card specifically designed to tuck away General creatures. it's Spell Crumple, a functional reprint of Hinder with a reusable effect. if Tucker cards makes game less exciting, why would WotC print cards like that?


It's because some General creatures are annoying to be left unchecked. and Wrath of Gods and Swords to Plowshares doesn't really solve the problem. they keep coming back at the additional cost of 2 mana, and that's why people chose them to be their Generals. and there are times that you want them to be dealt with.

In conclusion, I don't think these types of cards wouldn't ruin the game or make Commander a less interesting format. I mean yeah, I would feel depressed when I have my Progenitus Hindered, but even though if I build a deck relying on my General, I would have plan B or C ready in my sleeves to have a way to win without it. BUT, I also agree that this is my opinion and will have some people disagreeing with me. so, although this blog has blocked un-logged replies, please leave your thoughts on Twitter account @HoonkewPaik if you have any.

Hope you enjoyed this article and your future games as well.